.MF TeleType 
( Multi Frequency Tele Type )

System requirements:
Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
Processor Pentium 4 or higher
Processor clock min 1Ghz
256 MB RAM or more
5 MB free disk space
RS232 COM Port (optional)

Windows Vista Instructions:
Launch program directly from it's Program folder location for example „c:\Program Files\HamRadioSoftware\MFTeleType\MFteletype.exe"
In the properties table one must set: XP Servicepack2 ( right click on the MFteletype.exe file to access the properties tab and select XP Service pack 2) this step need be done only one time. Execute as Administrator (each time one runs the program, it is necessary to right click the .exe file and select to run it as Administrator. )

Finest DSP software filters provide excellent Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and automatic gain control.

More Info:

Common CQ Freq's for MFTTY
3591 KHz USB 
7039 KHz USB
Go to K3UK Digitalradio Sked Page and anounce that you will be QRV or calling CQ on certain Frequency using MFTTy

In case of any problems with execution of MF TeleType  you should know that MF TeleType is a Visual Basic program and requires the VB6 Runtime Files to be installed. If you do not jet have the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files installed on your computer, please Download here! (1MB, free download from Microsoft Homepage)

MFTT 3.0.150_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.149_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.148_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.147_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.146_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.145_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.144_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.143_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.142_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.141_Beta.exe

MFTT 3.0.140_Beta.exe
MFTT 3.0.139_Beta.exe


Quick Start:
The easiest way to get started is to make a “dry test” with MF Teletype. “dry test” means the tones generated by MF TeleType via soundcard are internally fed back into the same Soundcard’s capture input and decoded by MF TeleType Software instantly. Yes, MF TeleType does support full duplex operation. Just follow the simple 2-Step instuction in the Help file.

You might want to check Yahoo Digital Radio Group, MFTT is discussed there actively and you can make appointments for QSO

MF TeleType is easy, gerat fun, just try it on dx, go this way:
Step1: establish a QSO in RTTY or PSK31 or CW (suggested frequency for TEST  for example 14068Khz (USB) )
Step2: invite the ham on the far end to download MF Teletype
Step3: send him the download link: http://www.polar-electric.com/MFTT/index.html
Step4: Install MF TeleType, very easy and straight; it's done in a minute
Step5: have a chat using MF TeleType

Or send MF TeleType via email to a ham friend and invite him for a chat (click here!)

Have a nice chat!  

Send your problems, suggestions, and questions to my e-mail: dtmfSPAM@polar-electric.com (remove the letters "SPAM")

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