MRP4062 executed on Apple iMac i7 Parallels Desktop 5

Having been a PC builder and user for more years than I prefer to remember it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I jumped ship to the World of the Snow Leopard. One of my biggest concerns was the effect on operating all things radio, especially the question to myself “Now what about Win XP Pro and Programmes?” “will MRP40 continue to work?” or will I be able to make it work?

Having been a very satisfied customer, receiving excellent and swift support from Norbert, the software owner and programmer, since February 2004 I would have been at a loss without it, even though I have my old Toshiba laptop just in case. Using this excellent programme for my CW operating my DXCC count stands at 145 worked and 118 confirmed so yes it is important to me.

The iMac i7, received 17 Dec 09, has been a bit of a learning curve, still is but a great machine. Snow Leopard was of course already installed and I quickly decided to install a Bootcamp partition to run Win XP Pro programmes needed but not available for Mac. First to be installed was MRP4062 which ran immediately just requiring me to set up devices: SignaLink USB and my USB to 232 converter to connect my Yaesu FT897 to the iMac i7. Once my brain was switched in, this was organised and all was now operating 100% and better. Why better? The iMac is so electrically quiet the only QRM now suffered is band noise and as far as CW stations are concerned if I can just hear/see them I can definately work them so a vast improvement on my old PC. (noise bucket)

Obviously a new computer required a new unlock code from Norbert. My request and explanation was sent one late evening (0100hrs UTC to be precise) and on getting up for breakfast a few hours later I had my new unlock code -sorted.

I then tried installing Parallels Desktop 5 which would allow me to run Win XP Pro in virtualisation to avoid re-booting between Windows and Snow Leopard. Recommended to do this within the Bootcamp partition nothing, including MRP40 would work so I reinstalled Windows XP Pro again (how about 10 times in total, each time requiring activation of course) but this time outside of Bootcamp and all is running fine, including of course MRP4062. Again now running on a different computer within a computer I required yet another unlock code to match yet another registration number. As always a quick email to Norbert received an immediate response and MRP4062 is now running in virtualisation mode on XP Pro within Parallels and Snow Leopard and still more efficiently than on my old Athlon 2880+. With a bit more “fiddling about” I at last got XP Pro and programmes running within the Bootcamp partition, yes effectively a third computer hi! Again a new number generated and again Norbert on hearing what I was trying to achieve supported my efforts by providing yet another unlock code, even though he himself was down with the dreaded Swine Flu. (If you are reading this Norbert and family - get well soon.)

Sorry it is a long one but a bit to cover; just to report that MRP4062 works excellently well, (worked 5R8HX last week from Nottingham UK using it on iMac controlling the FT897) within a Snow Leopard environment either in Boot Camp partition, (direct to XP Pro) Virtualisation within and outside of the Bootcamp partition and finally to recognise that Norbert provides excellent support and service for his product.

Bryan M0OIC (full info on QRZ.COM)