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MRP40 has been working marvelously here. I used it on the recent CQ WWW DX CW on 160M with great result. I find it continues to decode even noisy, fading signals. I can usually "hear" better than CW decoders under poor conditions, but yours beats them all. Embry Kendrick

Enjoyed your MRP40 program so much! I've been using it for a while now & MRP40 is simply THE best decoder anywhere. I've tried many other decoders, none compare to yours. It has been great at decoding signals of varying strengths. CW is now my favorite mode! 73 N8KDX James

Thank you. Your program is still the best I have ever used, after trying just about all of them I can find. It is well worth the money, and makes operating CW a real pleasure during contests, etc. Thanks for your great work. 73, Hank K9LZJ

Fantastic! MRP40 works great...better than Fldigi and Ham Radio Deluxe! 99% accurate, while leaving the others way behind. For simple send/receive CW the program rocks! Using it with my Kenwood TS-990 and RIGblaster Advantage. Perfect together. 73's... W3DKT....Charles

I'm very happy with your software, congratulations. Have more than 200 DXCC countries confirm in LoTW with your software. Regards Edgar CE3EEA / CE7EEA

MRP40 + WKUSB is a lot of fun, it's been a long while since I enjoyed CW QSOs like this :) 73 Steve K1EL

Tried out your latest version for MRP40. Wow! What an improvement over the version I had in the old computer. Congratulations. Ed

Thanks for a great Decoder program. I have been using it for a number of years and I dont think there is a better decoder program available. I have seen the time when I could not hear anything on the radio and watch the sceen to see a message coming across. I think that is just great! 73 TU Gary K8TNT

Thanks, this is a great piece of software which has hugely increased my enjoyment in amateur radio. Thanks for your support and continued development. Regards, Jason O'Neill

Can I just say that I'm really impressed with your software. I tried a lot of other free ones in the hope they'd be as good as yours but none of them came close. I didn't want to spend any money but you don't get good quality things for free. I've just put in the code and bang, it decoded what I was listening to with ease. Thanks and 73, Chris EI6KH

What I like about the program is its simplicity.

Most programs these days seem to be written to try to show how clever the writer is.  For me there is no need to have complicated logging programs and numerous tiny buttons to do all sorts of things I do not and never shall need.   It takes a lot of time to find those small buttons and even longer to get the mouse in the right place to use them.   Most are a waste of time and screen space. Peter G3IRM Aged 83 which is why I do not like complicated programs.

Thank you again for a fine program.  I've been a CW nut for 50 years,,,,,first licensed in 1955.  But I like to play with new programs.  Your decoder is the very best I have found.  I have been using it in my mini pile-ups,,,,ha,ha,,,,,Hawaii is not so rare,,,,,,I let the program copy the strongest and my mind can then pick the weakest and I get to work both stations. Thanks again, hope to see on the air,,,,,, 73's and Aloha, Bill   KH6/N0CO

MRP 40's the best CW decoder I've found out there, a very nice piece of work! Bill Tracey (kd5tfd)

I have tested MRP4060 with the new RigExpert plus interface and it works FB
Note - MRP406 - also works just fine with RigExpert Tiny - DTR -send , PTT-RTS., RV3APM

You have a very good program!
I use it often in high speed code copying. Thank you for taking the time to create it! George km5uh

I am extremely happy with the MRP40 Morse code Decoder & Sender.
This program is the easy to use and a very smooth code spectral display. Absolutely awesome audio processing. The best software ever installed on my computer. This software compared with the hundreds of others out there, processed signals comparable with laboratory grade scope/analyzers, at a fraction of the cost. This powerful program processed the faintest of signals. Signals so weak they were barely visible on the spectral monitor. Signalsso weak they were barely  audible.  I have tested many communication applications and this one has been the easiest and most fun to use. This application loves noise, especially when atmospheric noise elevates, this "proggie" cuts along with ease. I recently purchased a plasma television and it transmits broad banded noise throughout the house. The carrier is at 3.880 MHz and wipes out the entire 75/80 meter band - especially my favorite c.w. frequencies. This program allows me to operate again without compromising my yl's television viewing and without the S-8 units of noise.  MRP 40 has set the exemplary standard in c.w. audio signal processing. Rey Kb6rey

MRP40  program is like magic,
when I was searching for a good CW copy programs, I tried several.   MRP4060 was by far the best one.  I played with several programs during 2 CW contest to evaluate how well they copied CW and how I liked the user interface. MRP4060 was absolutely the best. Your program is like magic. Thanks again for your help. 73, Tom W2MN

I'm very happy with the MRP40 program and look forward to getting active on CW. 73 Steve M0RNA

Keep up the great work, your program is fantastic. Tnx es 73 -- Eddie, WB6DFW

Thank you so much!
I love the program.  I've compared it to CwGet, MixW, CWDecoderXP and others.  MRP40 is by far the best of the lot...gets better weak signal copy than any other product I've used.  The text formatting makes a great product even better. 73, Jeff WK0C

Recommended by many top contesters!
Thanks for the quick service. Your program came highly recommended by many top contesters. It's a "winner"!
Thanks again, Warren W4WR

I think your programme is excellent!
It's really helping me to regain my own morse reading skills and helping make useful QSOs than just exchange of reports & QTH. Mny tnx agn, 73 Jon G6CUT.

I must say I am impressed!
All I can say after working with the program on a very poor conditions with terrible fading is, IT WORKS. Not only that it works or appears to work in real time. I have not used any other decoder which works in real time as closely as this one.
It will take me more time to learn how to use it better and find how best to employ the receivers filters to maximum effect.
So far I must say I am impressed.
Thanks for a great product, now I have to build the TX interface. This should do nicely for Field Day as it copies the Call Signs quite well. It also displays who does and who does not use word spacing on their  keyers. ha ha
Dave Clarke, VE6LX, Radio Amateur Educational Society, Homepage:, Email:

Well there is no comparison!
Thanks Norbert for the continued product support.  Just for fun I downloaded CW Get to compare to MRP40.  MRP runs circles around CW Get. In fact I was so confident with the program that I used it in a contest and was able to copy 100% guys sending code at 30+ WPM (well above my current abilities).  Furthermore as a learning tool, it is fantastic as I can now see what I am hearing and can force myself to copy at a faster speed.  Thanks again. Rich KQ9L

The best cw decoder, none better!
MRP40 is a rock solid program. I've used it since V 3.73 and there's no comparison. This program works! It decodes even the weakest signals and performs effortlessly. I've used different cw decoders but none can compete with MRP40. Norbert did his homework on this program and it's money well spent. N8QXB

Excellent Product and easy to use!
I was looking for a Morse Code Decoder to help me with those high speed cw contest operators...the 40wpm+ guys. The MRP40 software did the job and did it very well. I also tried the decoder with WriteLog and CWGet but the MRP40 program is far superior. I haven't tried the transmit portion yet, so I can't comment on that. W9CEO

The best I have seen!
It's a great piece of software..the best I have seen in the decoder cw area.....73..Gary..K8BY

It is a fantastic on the air training tool.
I already purchased it. I paid and the activation code was sent to me. It works great. Between the QRN it copies enough to read the code (80 meters). It copies a bug which most CW programs can not do. I know he was using a bug because his call is W4OA and he owns the Vibroplex Company. I use it as a back up to my ears. It is a fantastic on the air training tool. If I miss a character there it is. I do not use the send part of the program, however, I will set it up to send for my XYL.
I use it in a net situation. A lot of the net members do not zero beat and/or have a different pitch. A click of the mouse and there is the code...good copy. With the old program and TNC I had to use the pitch control on my rig. It was a hit and miss...I hope I can find the correct pitch. I am one happy and satisifed customer. Thanks Dave Smith  WQ1H

At times I couldn't hear the signal but the program kept copying.
My first chance to try your MRP40 came last night, and my initial impression is "Impressive". I presently do not have my HF  radio or an external antenna hooked up, so I used the MRP40 with my Radio shack DX-394 receiver with it's telescoping antenna. Quite honestly I didn't expect much, as it was very noisy on 40 meters and the signals I found were down in the noise and to fast for me to copy, but much to my amazement the program copied WB0GKH and N8NN fairly well at around 40 words  per minute. The MRP40 did miss some letters that I'm sure was due to the noise, and at times I couldn't hear the signal but the program kept copying. I'm very impressed, and will continue to test what seems to be a first class product.
Butch Breland N5OGE

73! Serge RV3APM

I had many guests pull up a chair watching  MRP 40 operation, first time people really showed an interest in CW!
I have tried lots of CW decoders. I op CW in contests and my XYL likes to help log. I keep a decoder running so she can follow the action. It is also nice to have a decoder for contests, like field day, so guests can see the operation. ...
The best I have seen was an old DOS decoder, name long gone from the noodle, that used a decoder chip (2211 or somthing like that) and copied very well.  The new sound card decoders leave a lot to be desired, except lack of external hardware. I have almost given up on them when I stumbled on MRP-40 on the web. I tried it at FD 2002 (N2SE 12A NNJ) and it was a great success. Almost 100% copy in heavey contest conditions and local QRM on 15M!! I had many guests pull up a chair and watch the operation, first time people really showed an interest in CW!! It copies both sides so!
Give it a try. Feel free to e-mail direct if you wish to discuss
Of course I am in no way connected to this program. Den W2DEN

In all fairness it is one of the best I have seen!
I have decided to purchase your software and I will use it for recieve, in all fairness it is one of the best I have seen, and on recieve it is very, very, very good. Dave G1XAZ/M3XAZ

Weak signal performance is exceptional!
After weeks of  trying this latest version (4.04) I must say it is very good indeed and a lot better than the
MRP 37. Weak signal performance is exceptional, and the whole package easy to use. Colin g4cgv

I was very impressed!
Just downloaded the demo version of your MRP40 program and was very impressed. It is a significant improvement over the earlier 37 releases. I used the older program for many years. Ralph WB8DQT

Can't find another program performing better and faster!
Congratulations as you did it again and I did not say a word too much about MRP being the best as i can't find another program performing better and faster than this version using the soundcard..  Ko Versteeg NL9222

This must be the best available cw decoder!
MRP40 works very well indeed, this must be the best available cw decoder, much better than the MRP37...and that was good!! Colin G4CGV

The program is getting better and better!
Thanks very much for sending me the e-mail regarding the update. The program is getting better and better all the time.
Jan de Groot VE7GTE

It is very good piece of software!
OK Guys, if you haven't checked out Norbert new program you're missing out. It is very good piece of software and is written for Windows. 73/Clint/K5CEM
P.S. I have no connection with the author other than being a very satisfied user.