MRP40 Features:

Morse Code Decoding = Translation of Morse Code (audio signals) to Text ASCII
Speed range: 5 to 60 WPM
Audio Input via Soundcard ( Mic or Line or USB )
Decoded text is clearly displayed on the screen
Font size can be changed as desired
Received text is automatically stored in log file

Morse Code Sending
Transmit morse code from the keyboard
Key output via RS232
Audio output via Soundcard Line-Out or USB
USB output to Winkeyer
Speed range: 5 to 60 WPM

10 predefined text memories available for rapid sending of repeating phrases Beacon function for repeated sending of text memories.

A "Tx-Macro" Window allows insertion of variable words (for example name, call) as pre-defined text

Two interface schematics included in program package
a)standard RS232 / USB interface circuit
b)RS232 interface circuit for tube transceivers ( -65 Volt)

Audio Analyzer FFT Display ­Displays incoming Morse audio spectrum graphically
It gives you full overview of any CW activities in the selected audio band.
Resolution(speed) of FFT can be changed to enable display of QRS CW

Built-in CW Filter extremely selective, typical bandwidth is 30Hz (dynamically adapted to speed)
Nearby interfering signals are totally suppressed and so cannot disturb the decoder

Built-in Smart AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) Tunes signal exactly into center of CW filter and follows "drifters" automatically

GoToMax Button forces immediate tuning to frequency of strongest incoming audio signal.

Build in Smart AGC(AutomaticGainControl) Compensates for all kinds of fading and intermodulation.

Full Automatic speed recognition tracks quickly and precisely the speed of incoming station

Audio volume indicator bar displays level of incoming audio

Text Formatting automatically re-formats "un-spaced" words