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MRP40 is a powerful and highly-effective ham radio software program that decodes received CW audio that has been fed to a computer’s sound card. The decoded text is displayed on the computer’s monitor. For transmitting CW, the program encodes keystrokes from the computer’s keyboard. Hams use MRP40 to send and read QRQ (high-speed) CW, to help read weak DX signals, and to improve CW contest scores.
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There is now available a special SDR Version of MRP40 Morse Decoder 
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There are two ways to transmit:
1.      Recommended: Use AFSK (audio frequency-shift) keying by sending CW audio to the transceiver from the computer’s sound card. The rig operates in SSB transmission mode. The signals generated by MRP40 have sine waveform and a smooth envelope, so no annoying key clicks. The rise and decay times of the CW-signals are automatically adjusted to the sending speed, so a minimum bandwidth is occupied, especially for QRS (slow sending). Note: When using AFSK for sending, one can activate the PTT via Com Port by selecting the check box named "Activate PTT pin" in MRP40's menu under "Options - Tx-Settings."
2.     Key your transceiver via the  RS232 serial Com Port, or key your transceiver via Soundcard output. This requires an interface box between PC and transceiver. You can also build yourself a neat little interface like suggested in QST Magazine issue 02/2007. Click here and study the article.

To ensure galvanic isolation between computer and transceiver, we recommend using an interface box from SignaLink

Anti Virus Settings:
In case when running the program after pressing the "TRY" button the " program terminates without any error:
Please inside your anti virus software add MRP40 to the List of trusted programs
F-Secure internet security:
If "deep guard is enabled" with "advanced process monitoring" enabled then MRP40 is placed in the "monitored programs  list" and is prevented from running.
This is easily fixed by either disabling "advanced process monitoring" or remove MRP40 from the monitored programs list in F-Secure.

Windows 8 specific instructions:

Just install MRP40, there are no specific actions required at all.
Windows 7 specific instructions:
Locate MRP40 at it's Program folder location  for example "C:\Programs\HamRadioSoftware\MRP40 Morse Decoder V62\MRP40v62.exe"
Right click on the MRP40v62.exe file to access the properties
In the properties / compatibility table one must set: XP Service pack2
Vista-specific instructions:
MRP40 can run under Vista only if launched directly from it's Program folder location, typically "C:\Programs\HamRadioSoftware\MRP40 Morse Decoder V62\MRP40v62.exe"
Right click on the MRP40v61.exe file to access the properties tab and select XP Service pack 2 or 3. This need be done only once; however, each time the program is run, one should right-click the .exe file and select “Run as administrator,” unless the User has administrative privileges.
click -Options -TxSettings -Edit Com Port Configuration...
edit delay to any value between 1 and 1000 (milli seconds)

right click the text button labeled as "Beacon" and adjust the <BeaconDelay x >
For x enter any value between 1 and 3600 (seconds)
To make any text button act as a beacon just add the the string <BeaconDelay 3> at the end of the text

As soon as a new call is filled in MiniLogBook the Lookup will show name and location of that call
click -Options -show -MiniLogBook
check the box QRZ DB Lookup
enter your Login Details

click -Options -TxSettings -Send via Winkeyer
In the pop up window "RS232 Comport Configuration" enter a valid com port number the winkeyer is linked to.
click save

The state of AFC is now remembered at startup of MRP40 (factory default is AFC OFF)
New Smart AFC: Every time the two red lines (representing the RX Filter frequency) are moved manually by left mouse click or by (Auto-) GoMax -Action the AFC is acting for 4 seconds with double speed doing precise fine tuning to the incoming signal. During that 4 seconds the RX frequency is gradually "frozen in" At the end it is fixed and steady. You stay receiving exactly at that perfectly tuned frequency.
The  smart AFC is activated even the AFC Check box is in "OFF" State
Performing right mouse click to move the red lines will not activate the Smart AFC
Click -Options -RxSettings -Set minimum Speed
The advantage of setting a minimum speed with a relative high WpM rate is that MRP40 does not "Drift" down to for example 2 WpM and then is no longer able to recognize an incomming station with 20 WpM

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