Order MRP40 securely now!

To process your order we need from you the registration number of your MRP40-Copy
We need it to generate your personal Unlock Code!

Please run MRP40 and look for: Registration number xxxx-xxxx-xx
Each x is a placeholder for a digit number or letter.
Example: 8G4H-U22Z-F2

To order MRP40 online do the following:

Send 52,50 Euro via PayPal to my PayPal address: MRP42@Polar-electric.com

For your information below the amount in your currency:


Make sure you insert your e-mail address and the MRP40 registration number you obtained into the comment box of the PayPal form

If PayPal asks for country then please select GERMANY

As soon I receive your order I will send to you your personal Username and Unlock Code by e-mail

Please be aware that I check my PayPal account normally only once a day so the reply to you can last up to 48 hours

- Now click here to open PayPal to proceed

In case of any questions please email me at MRP42@Polar-electric.com