Tips 'n Tricks essential to get best decoding results with MRP40:

MRP40 has a built-in Software AGC (AutomaticGainControl) which compensates for all kinds of fading and intermodulation.
In some cases the decoding result is improved when you switch OFF the AGC of your Transceiver.

The built-in CW Filter is extremely selective, typical Bandwidth is 30Hz (dynamically adapted to speed)
Nearby "interference" signalsare totally suppressed and cannot disturb the decoder.
You might considder to try MRP40 without using any additional (external) DSP.

The Built-in smart AFC (A utomatic Frequency Control) tunes the signal exactly into the center of CW filter and follows "drifters" automatically.
Each time the recieve-frequency is changed by left-mouse click into upper window the AFC is activated for 4 secondes,- even the AFC Check- Box is in "OFF" state!
The AFC is not activated by right-mouse click into the upper window.

Audio volume indicator bar (green):
On the left hand side of MRP40 Program window there is a display of incoming audio level.
To get best decoding result the green bar shouldfluctuate between 10% and 90% of total range
Consequently please avoid overdriving yoursound card's audio input!
The green bar must NOT exceed 90%

Noisy Signals:
When testing the MRP40 program don't hesitate to "feed" the program with weak noisy morse signals.
MRP40 works best when "fed" with signal and noise!

Please try to ensure you meet the above suggestions and I'm sure that MRP40 will decode with excellent accuracy.