Download Instructions:


Print this page with IMPORTANT information for your reference.
In case you can't print this page right now then just read the infos and try to print later.

Step2: Download MRP40, click here

Windows 8 / 10 specific instructions:
Just install MRP40, there are no specific actions required at all.

Windows 7 specific instructions:
Locate MRP40 at it's Program folder location for example "C:\Programs\HamRadioSoftware\MRP40 Morse Decoder V62\MRP40v62.exe"
Right click on the MRP40v62.exe file to access the properties
In the properties / compatibility table one must set: XP Service pack3

Win XP specific instructions: In case of any problems with execution of MRP40 under Win XP you should know that MRP40 is a Visual Basic program and requires the VB6 Runtime Files to be installed. If you do not jet have the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files installed on your computer, please go to download site below. (1MB, free download )
Download here!

Read and print the Tips 'n Tricks they are essential to achieve best decoding results:

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In case you do apply illegal Cracks or KeyGen to MRP40 then for sure you will face a lot of frustration caused by that! So you'd better consider not to do that!

MRP40 Registration Information

You can install the MRP40 on several Computers for evaluation.
The evaluation time is 30 days.
Continued use of MRP40 requires registration (purchase)
Re-installation of MRP40 will result in status "Your timed evaluation has 0 days left", so please avoid re-installation of the MRP40 package.
Before you purchase an Unlock Code to upgrade to the full version you must decide on which Computer you want to license the MRP40 software.
When ordering/purchasing an Unlock Code, you must send us the Registration Number of the trial installation that is on your target computer.
The Registration Number is displayed on the "Trial Status" window when you start MRP40.
The provided Unlock Code is licensed for use by a single user on a single computer.
If you need an additional Unlock Code, such as for your laptop, for example, please let us know via email, we will supply the additional Unlock-Code free (no additional cost) for your personal use only.
When you run MRP40 you will find the appropriate order form by clicking on "Info" or by clicking on "Register" in the Trial Status Window.
You may order MRP40 online at our Secure Order Site.

Print this form to order Unlock-Codes for MRP40 via Snail-Mail :

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