MRP40 Download Instructions:

Print this page with IMPORTANT information for your reference.
In case you can't print this page right now then just read the infos and try to print later.

Under Windows 11 with the included "Defender" as anti virus software the installation of MRP40 is just straight forward:
Download MRP40 click here when finished then open the download folder and right click the Setup_MRP40v67.bat and click -Run as Administrator.

Windows 10:
Or Win 11 with an antivirus software other than Defender:

Please perform a four step manual installation because the anti virus software programs tend to block MRP40, but don't worry, MRP40 has been checked and yes, it is SAVE! If a blocking occures or an alert pops up then it is a so called "False Positive". False positives (false alarms) can occure with harmless files that are incorrectly identified as malicious by the antivirus program. Software programs that use identical file compression and protection techniques like malware programs do, are susceptible to false alarms.

To avoid blockages you basically need to exclude MRP40's program folder from virus scan and download the MRP40 Setup directly into that folder.

Perform this four step manual installation:

First step: Create Folder
Go to the Windows search bar type "cmd" and open the command prompt as administrator.
See image:

Select below two lines of text completely, copy and paste it into the command prompt

md C:\"Program Files (x86)"\HamRadioSoftware\"MRP40 Morse Decoder V67"
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe c:\"Program Files (x86)"\HamRadioSoftware

An explorer window will pop up showing the created folder, now you may perform the...

Second step: Set Access Rights for the created folder
Right Click on the folder "MRP40 Morse Decoder V67"
then click Properties and do the settings accroding this images:

Third step: Exclude the created folder from virus scan
You need to do exclusion inside Microsoft Defender and inside your additional anti virus product (only in case you have installed one)

- In List below click "Microsoft Defender" and read how to exclude the folder from virus scan:
- In List below click "your anti virus product" and read how to exclude the folder from virus scan:
Copy and paste below folder path into Defender and into your additional anti virus product (only in case you have installed one)
C:\Program Files (x86)\HamRadioSoftware\MRP40 Morse Decoder V67

Microsoft Defender
Bitdefender Go to "Advanced Threat Defense" and "Manage exceptions"
Click button "+ Add Exception" for MRP40v67.exe and MRP40v67_PKS.exe


Once you have finished that exclusion then close all windows of Defender and your anti virus software and restart your computer to ensure effect of settings.

Fourth step: Download MRP40 Setup-File and perform installation!
Once again open the command prompt (like shown "First Step") and run it as administrator

Select below 3 Lines of text completely, copy and paste it into the command prompt:

cd C:\"Program Files (x86)"\HamRadioSoftware\"MRP40 Morse Decoder V67"
curl -o Setup_MRP40v67.exe
Start Setup_MRP40v67.exe

See Image:

Now MRP40 is almost ready to be used, but do not run MRP40 right now!
First restart your computer to ensure that all settings take effect.
After restart click on your desktop the icon "Run MRP40"
The icon "MRP40 Tools" provides a number of tools to manage some essential topics.
Please study the Readme text file inside the individual folder and learn how to:
- Set Audio devices and their volume
- Identify COM Port Number of your external interface box or radio
- Transfer your License Key to a new computer
- Access items inside the MRP40 Program folder
MRP40 will not run on virtual machies.

Read and print the Tips 'n Tricks they are essential to achieve best decoding results.

Warning: In case you do apply illegal Cracks or KeyGen to MRP40 then for sure you will face a lot of frustration caused by that! So you'd better consider not to do that!

Registration Information

You can install the MRP40 on several Computers for evaluation. The evaluation time is 30 days.

Continued use of MRP40 requires registration (purchase)

Before you purchase an Unlock Code to upgrade to the full version you must decide on which Computer you want to license the MRP40 software.

When ordering / purchasing an Unlock Code, you must send us the Registration ID of the trial installation that is on your target computer.

To view the Registration ID run MRP40 and click -Info -English -Copy Registration ID

The provided Unlock Code is licensed for use by a single user on a single computer.
If you need an additional Unlock Code, such as for your laptop, for example, please let us know via email, we will supply the additional Unlock-Code free (no additional cost) for your personal use only.

To purchase MRP40 online please visit the Secure Order Site. Or go Back to Main Page.