MRP40 Morse Decoder for I-Q input signals:
Software defined Radio (SDR) Version

MRP40-SDR works with external SDR transceiver hardware that provides IQ-input signal like Softrock, KX3 or similar
This program consists of the well known MRP40v64 plus a tuning front end for incoming I-Q Signals
MRP40-SDR also can transmit morse signals via I-Q output.
SSB voice demodulation included as well.
Sampling Rates: 48, 96, and 192 KHz  (16 or 32 Bit)

Download and try the full functional 30 day trial of MRP40-SDR version for Soundcard IQ input

Download and try the full functional 30 day trial of MRP40-SdrPlay-RSP1 version. Readme first!

Download and try the full functional 30 day trial of MRP40-SdrPlay-RSP2 version. Readme first!

For those who do not have SDR transceiver front end hardware with IQ signal output, I recommend the usage of normal MRP40
Download and try the full functional 30 day trial of normal MRP40 version 66.

Order Info:
Any version normal price: € 52,50 Euro  (to look up the price in other currency go to currency converter)
Update from MRP40 to MRP40-SDR price: € 26,25 Euro

More info:
Initially you need to care for the sound card settings (click Options- show- sound card)

See Screen shot above:
With the horizontal scroll bar on the main Window you adjust the color contrast of both graphic displays at the same time. The output audio volume is coupled to that as well.
Tuning is straight and easy: Just click into the waterfall,- keep mouse button down and drag.
For fine tuning you do a right button mouse click to any position in the upper waterfall,- keep mouse button down and drag. (Tuning is refined 1:50) => 1Hz accuracy!
In the middle of the axis of spectra display you can edit the green number "0".  Just set it to the actual Quartz or VFO Frequency(in KHz) of your hardware frond end. This way the frequency scale shows actual values.

In the Frequency settings box you choose SSB or CW Bandwidth and adjust it with the vertical slider to your needs
The "CW Center option" allows you to adjust the audio out to your personally preferred  CW Audio tone frequency level (Vertical scroll)

The general rule for the MRP40 graphic is: "what you see is what your hear"

I cared a lot for keeping the CPU load low,- so i think this program can run on any general purpose PC, Laptop or Netbook.
The sound card sample setting to 32 Bit will require Win7
The 32Bit setting is supposed to provide higher dynamic range when a true 24 Bit sound card is installed.
If you have a 16 bit sound card installed then use the 16 Bit setting.

Enjoy exploring ;-))

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vy 73's